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Edelman Full Grain Leather

Produced by the master leathercrafters of Edelman, their full grain leather features
a supple and soft texture yet is durable enough for demanding use.
The surface bears a small pebble-grain texture and receives a special stain-release
coating. Edelman Full Grain is Greenguard air-quality certified.

Dream Cow Porcelain

Luv-A-Bull Walnut

Luv-A-Bull Black


Edelman’s leather is strictly sourced from Europe and goes through a full-aniline dye process that leaves the grain pattern and surface characteristics of the cowhide unchanged. The leather is completely submerged into the aniline dye of the chosen color and left until the dye completely penetrates the hide to create a fully-saturated and even-colored leather. This keeps the natural beauty of the hide’s surface intact and retains the saturation and clarity of the grain unlike any other process.

Only around 5% of hides are suitable for full-aniline dyeing because their surfaces are considered “perfect” enough to not need additional corrections or modifications. This lack of extra processing and finishing makes full-aniline leather the softest and most supple quality of leather you can find.

Some level of surface imperfection will always be visible on full-aniline leather, but this contributes to the natural beauty of the leather rather than hindering it. This leather will last a lifetime and develops a beautiful patina as it ages. This showcases genuine and unique signs of character more over time – an unmatchable degree of personalization.

Edelman Leather was launched in 1981 by couple Teddy and Arthur Edelman, after already having had 30 years of expertise in the leather industry. This year (2021) marks the company’s 40th year anniversary of still upholding their mission to produce leather that represents the pinnacle of their craft.

Mishima comes in three options of Edelman leather: Dream Cow Porcelain, Luv-A-Bull Walnut, and Luv-A-Bull Black. The Dream Cow line is an Edelman classic that has the perfect blend of soft touch and durability. It has a calfskin grain that is supple for a great feel in the hand. The leather takes on a slightly heavier finish than other Edelman lines to handle higher traffic and everyday use. Dream Cow Porcelain is dyed with a warm shade of white that is both classy and inviting to sit in.

The Luv-A-Bull line is one of Edelman’s premier lines of leather, chosen for its ability to bring out the natural beauty of the best quality leathers in the world. Not a single pigment is used in the process of making this leather, which preserves the full depth of the aniline dye’s color. Once the dyeing process is complete, it is waxed and then given a light finish that helps the leather gently patina from day one. Luv-A-Bull Walnut is dyed to a chocolatey brown that produces rich undulating colors. Luv-A-Bull Black is dyed black for the ultimate experience of luxury and sophistication.

You can find information on how to maintain Edelman Full Grain Leather here.

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