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Italian chenille yarns give Vionette a sensuous look and a surprisingly soft hand.The plush fabric gives any seating a comfortable feel, and takes color beautifully,with contrasting tones in the warp for added brilliance and dimension.

White Sand Mix






Vionette was designed by BassamFellows, a fully integrated luxury lifestyle brand created by architect Craig Bassam and creative director Scott Fellows. Together, they started a new design movement with Craftsman Modern, which focuses on principles such as natural materials, solid construction, utility, and minimalism. Since its inception in 2003, BassamFellows has built up relationships with some of the world’s finest craftspeople.

To ensure Vionette is made to meet their standards, BassamFellows partnered with Geiger, a family owned furniture company established in 1964 by master cabinetmaker John Geiger. For decades, Geiger has held a reputation for product excellence by combining state-of-the-art manufacturing muscle with time-honored handcrafting techniques. Vionette is manufactured in Geiger’s zero-landfill facilities, where 100% of the products are Dfe (Design for the Environment) approved and receive LEVEL 3 certification for sustainability and social responsibility.

Mishima comes in five colors of Vionette. White Sand Mix excels at capturing subtle changes in light throughout the day and evokes the feeling of walking along the shoreline of a calm beach. Champagne is an excellent option for a versatile, sophisticated and timeless color that is quintessentially Mishima. Claret is a rich blend of red with subtle undercurrents of purple and yellow, giving off warm and delicate tones for a touch of glamour. Sapphire and Shadow are perfect for curating a room with understated luxury, whether with a deep shade of indigo-hinted blue, or smoky gray.

You can find information on how to maintain Vionette here.

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