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There is a grace period of 48 hours for order cancellation after the receipt of the order confirmation, after which refund is not allowed.

Refunds will be processed and issued to your payment services provider within 14 business days after your refund request is approved. Please note that the time it takes to receive your refund may vary depending on your payment services provider.

When applicable, Mishima reserves the right to charge payment processing fees and other incurred fees if any.


Deposit Payment.

Your deposit payment (“Deposit Payment”) grants you priority within your region for securing Mishima when available. Your Deposit Payment is exclusive of any sales and use or other taxes. Amounts held on deposit will not accrue interest. We will apply your Deposit Payment to the amount due on the Mishima if and when you decide to order Mishima.

Refundable Deposit.

Prior to your order of Mishima, your Deposit Payment is fully refundable and can be requested at any time. Refunds will be processed within 14 business days after your refund request. If you seek and obtain a refund, you will forfeit your priority position.

Availability; Limitations.

Placing a Deposit Payment does not obligate us to provide you with Mishima and does not guarantee that the Mishima will be available to you. Enrollment limits may apply. Mishima designs and Services are subject to change based on technological innovation.
The Mishima availability dates are estimates only and subject to change. We do not guarantee when Mishima and services will actually be available in your region. Mishima and service delivery is dependent on many factors, including various regulatory approvals.